Things are looking up!

Yes, Things are looking up. Yesterday was an interesting day. All kinds of things going on. I received a call from the yoga coordinator at Lifepower informing me that because of the merger with At One Yoga, I would be losing my afternoon classes, and my morning classes would be shifting from Mon. and Fri. to Tue. and Thurs. from 6am – 7:30am. This may sound “not so good”, but then she said that there was an opportunity for me to add classes at the large Lifetime fitness club on Mayo Blvd. in Scottsdale. This is actually a good thing because the larger club has daycare available, and many of my Moms who practice with me need daycare. This is why they did not join Lifepower. (No daycare.) I spoke with the manager of Lifepower, Ray, and he said that they have no intention of adding daycare at Lifepower. They have kids yoga classes, but no daycare.

      I emailed the gals who own Greyhawk Yoga yesterday morning, and then ironically enough, I saw them at the astanga practice last evening at Daves Astanga Yoga. I spoke with them about teaching a few classes there, and they seemed very receptive. “Ironically”, may be the wrong word because everything happens for a reason, and I am learning more and more to trust the universe, and continue to send positive energy out to try and manifest the things that I want to happen in my life. All good news. I will keep you posted. All of these changes should happen soon. August probably.

     While teaching my class at Peaks Athletic club this morning, I asked about Yoga class packages there. You can get a 10 class yoga card for $100. At $10. a class, that is a really good deal. I teach 3 classes a week there. All of then are gentle flow classes, although I do throw in an occasional yin or meditation class. I am there Tues, Thurs, and Sat. Check the classes section on my website for details. Peaks Ahtletic club also just opened a 24hr fitness room in which members get a pass card that allows them access to the workout room 24/7/365.  A great concept, and one that I don’t believe anyone else is taking advantage of. Kudos to the owners….

     Hot here this Thursday in the Valley of the sun. 113 to 115 degrees is the forecast. Not many outdoor activities going on today. I am grateful for air conditioning…

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