Welcome and namaste, my name is Scott Page. I am a yoga instructor in Scottsdale, Arizona. I teach a wide varity of classes to a diverse group of students. I have always been a spiritual seeker. When I was younger I loved the practices of martial arts and zen meditation. I have studied numerous religions and phlosophies all in the search for what would bring me peace, balance, spititual growth, and the chance for enlightenment. My searching brought me to yoga. Yoga, with it’s balance of physical and spritual practice encompasses all the components of the holistic discipline that I was seeking in other disconnected practices. In a relatively short time yoga became, and still is, my passion. I began my personal yoga journey with the practice of ashtanga vinyasa yoga. That was over 10 years ago, and on the other side of the country. My passion for the practice of yoga led me to a teaching training program, and to the path which I now follow as a yoga instructor. I am constantly striving to lead a life of balance and calm, and to try and live what I teach. In this hectic, overstimulating world in which we live, this is never easy.
I am what traditional yogis would call a “householder.” I am married, have children and responsibilities. This I find makes being calm very challenging at times.
I believe that life is just one continuous awesome experience broken down into experiential moments. You can choose to be present and focussed on the experiences that make up your life as it is occurring, or you can remain asleep and oblivious to these amazing life experiences. It all lies with your level of awareness and mindfullness.
For more info, you can visit my website at www.scottpageazyoga.com

namaste for now,


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  1. Arthur Weinfeld says:

    For some reason I can’t get into you web site, I get a message saying “invalid or unsupported form of compression”.

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