Gonging, Subbing and Prospecting

Been a while. Lots going on. Went to a gonging session last Saturday night at the Guru Nanak Ashram in Downtown Phoenix. I have come to really enjoy the effects of gonging on my body. I decided to go to this gonging because I knew that it would be difficult for me to get to my regular Sunday Kundalini Yoga practice at the Elevation Institute because it is downtown in Phoenix and that is where the P.F. Chang marathon was being run. Many of the roads were closed so I chose not to fight traffic, and to take a day off of Kundalini practice. Saturday night gonging seemed a great substitution. My wife Michelle and our friend Brooke accompanied me. We met our other Friend Michelle there. Jaap Kaur Khalsa led the gonging. The Gonging was very restorative and cleansing. It was wonderful, and seemed to go on and on. I noticed a blockage at my throat chakra. I look at this as a blessing that I was clear as high up as my throat chakra. There is always some work to be done. After the gonging, we all sat and talked while enjoying healthy vegetarian snacks that were provided. We talked about the upcoming White Tantric Yoga Seminar. I will be attending it. Here is the flyer with information on it. (click to enlarge)

This gonging happens at 7pm every third Saturday at the ashram. If you have never experience gonging, I highly recommend it.

Classes that I am subbing.
The following are a list of the classes that I am scheduled to sub in the next few weeks…

Fri. 1-21 6am Ashtanga Mysore at Lifepower for John
Wed. 1-26 4:30pm Hr. Power at DC Village For Katherine
Sat. 1-29 9:45am Power at DC Village for Brian
Mon. 1-31 6am Hr. Power at Gainey Village for Stephanie
Thu. 2-3 6am Hr. Power at Gainey Village for Harmony
Mon. 2-7 6am Hr. Power at Gainey Village for Stephanie
Thu. 2-10 6am Hr. Power at Gainey Village for Harmony

New Classes and prospects.

I have a new class at Peaks Atheletic that started the new year. It is a Monday, 6:30pm – 7:30pm Stretch class. It is a $10 drop in for non-Peaks members.

Starting Feb. 9th, I am going to start teaching a Wednesday 4:30pm – 5:45pm Basic Flow class at American Elite All Star Cheer. It is a Cheerleading gym with a wonderful secluded room for a yoga class. It is located on 90th St. in Scottsdale. It is in the vicinity of the Ice Den, AZ on the Rocks, Etc. It will be a $10. Drop in fee per class. If the class is popular, I may add a Monday or Friday class.

I am still trying to get a class or two at the new Blissful Yoga studio that is set to open at the Q (Scottsdale Quarter for those of you not “In the Know”) .

I am pursuing classes at Sumit Yoga on Frank Lloyd Wright and Raintree Rds. Many of you have spoken to the owner Patty on my behalf, and I appreciate that. While Sumits is primarily a heated, Bikrim style yoga studio, the owner Patty is apparently savvy enough to realize the potential of adding Vinyasa style yoga to her schedule. Hopefully, she will consider me for a class or two. I will keep you posted.

I am still in touch with Barbara from Yoga Village. She was looking for Vinyasa instructors. While Yoga Village are primarily Anasura style yoga studios, Barbara may be considering an ashtanga, kundalini, yin guy like myself for a class there.

As with all prospects, I appreciate you promoting me, and requesting classes with me at studios where you may teach or practice. The more you ask for classes with me, the greater chance that you will get them.

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