This is not “Vinyasa-shopping”

Mondays at the yoga room have had very few people attending lately, so I am going to change the time and the format of the class. I am going to start the class an hour later at 5:30pm and am going to call it “Vinyasa-shopping”. It is not shopping for a vinyasa class and it is not going to the mall to buy yoga clothes or accessories. Vinyasa-shopping (my term. No one steal it.) is going to consist of a 45min. Vinyasa class to warm up followed by 30min. of work shopping various poses or working on stretching or strengthening certain body parts. The work shopping will be by request or consensus. The vinyasa will not. It will be the usual challenging astanga based vinyasa that will give us a good warm up. I will see if there is any interest in this concept. I will know by your participation, or lack of it. I will give this a few months, and then evaluate its’ merits. Flexibility in all things is the key to staying in the flow…….

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