New Astanga Vinyasa Mysore Practice with Scott is Starting.


Astanga Vinyasa Mysore practice is due to start this upcoming Monday, March 11th. It is going to be held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5:30am – 7:30am at Urban Fit which is on Pierce St. in downtown Phoenix between 3rd and 5th St. It is a 30 min drive from my house (130th and Shea) to Urban Fit. From Life Power (where a Mysore style practice was previously held) it would be about a 20 min drive down Shea to the 51 to the 10 to 7th to Pierce. There are no showers there, but the space is bright and clean and warm, and good for our needs. I will have free monthly parking passes for the garage adjacent to the studio, otherwise there is street parking and the parking meters are not in effect until after the practice is over so it is free as well.

Classes are open to everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners. The Mysore style of practice is progressive and everyone works at their own pace, and level. You arrive and leave whenever you need to. I will be there to give guidance, teach poses, and give verbal and physical adjustments. When you are stuck on a pose you will wait to be assisted with it. If you still cannot complete it, you will go to finishing poses.

The fee options for these classes are as follows:

Monthly —- $75.   ($6.25/ class)

Monthly — Student and Seniors w/ ID —  $60.  ($5./ class)

Weekly —– $30.  ($10./ class)

Drop-Ins —–$12./ class

Scott will only accept CASH. That is green paper with the pictures of DEAD PRESIDENTS on it. No checks, or checks made out to cash. CASH.  (receipts upon request)

For Couples rates, financial hardship, or other $$$ issues, contact Scott directly.


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