Inspiration Comes From Unexpected Places.


I am constantly amazed and amused at life as I become aware of the glimpses of what is truly happening “behind the scenes”. The drama of life seems to unfold so effortlessly, as if we are watching it before us played out on a large screen. If we stop for a moment, separate ourselves from the drama, and be observant, we can appreciate the intricacies and simplicity of it all.

“There are No Coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.”

I find that I regularly come into contact with people who bring me the messages that I need to hear, when I am ready to hear them. Many times they have to be presented to me many times before I have the desired realization. These messages frequently come from the most unexpected places. Sometimes from younger people with “Old Souls”, sometimes from old people with “Older Souls”. Sometimes information comes to me intuitively during solitude or meditation,  sometimes it is sparked through interpersonal relations, sometimes through reading or media or scripture, and sometimes just being in the presence of someone.  I find it on you tube, in music I hear on the radio, on a blog post, on a business card on a bulletin board or book shelf, it is all around me if I have eyes to see it. It amuses me, because many people are unaware that they are the messengers. There are a few however who are keenly aware of their mission and the effect of their lives on everyone around them. I am inspired by them, and I am grateful for them. For my small part, I try to be very in tune with my message and how it resonates with everyone that I have contact with. I feel it is my mission to have a positive effect on those whose lives I contact. That is why I teach yoga. I must confess that in reflection, I often feel that I fail as much as I succeed. It is a journey though, and I am human and learning as I go. What I think I am learning most is to be more trusting, to take the “me” out of the way, and to let go a little more. The journey continues.


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