One armed side crane pose…. coming soon

So, last night Kevin and I were practicing together and I say to him “Dude, in that Yoga Girls of the world video that I posted on my blog there is a girl doing one armed side crane pose ( eka hasta parsva bakasana).” She resembles Harmony Fulton a little. It comes at the 2:05 min. mark of the video (below). Then I say to Kevin, “We should try it. I am pretty sure that I can do it.” That was before we tried it. It is exceedingly difficult, and between the two of us we could not even muster a brief lifting of the arm. Nothing like the girl in the video. I love puzzles and a good challenge. I will post a picture of me doing this pose when I figure it out. (or of Kevin if he figures it out first).

My Name is Earl used to be one of my favorite TV shows before it went off the air years back. It was about karma and transformation and setting right past wrongs. It did this while being stereotypical rude, crude and downright funny. Karma was a bitch in this show. Anyhow, one of the funniest clips from this show is from season 2 episode 11. Understand that we, not just me, but my whole family have a wicked, warped, sarcastic sense of humor. We think that this is hilarious. Warning, it is not very yogic. It is not a positive holiday message. It is just funny. Here it is. Enjoy…

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