Go See “People v. The State of Illusion”

Sunday evening we went to see the movie People v. The State of Illusion. As we were waiting to meet some of our yoga friends that were also attending, we noticed a well dressed man exiting the theater. I recognized him as Austin Vickers, the creator of the film. We mentioned that we were going in to see his film. He was very friendly and after a brief chat we met our friends and went in to see the movie. It was a Sunday evening, and the theater was not very full. The seven of us made up the majority of the viewers. The movie was shot locally and there are many references to Flagstaff. The underlying story is not as flashy as What the Bleep Do You Know, and it lacked the wacky graphics. What it did bring was a story of transformation. It is a shame that so many people go to movies to be entertained and that movie entertainment takes the form of action and violence and drama designed to distract you from your life while giving you an adrenaline rush. Americans seek this adrenaline rush in movies because many of them cannot get up off of their fat asses to go out and experience life and have their own adrenaline rushes. I digress. (working on non negative internal commentary.) The truth of this movie is that it is thought provoking and interesting in a way that engages you to contemplate your life and where you are on your journey. It reminds us that we are the creators of our reality through our perceptions, thoughts and actions. We spent the two previous evening listening to Geshe Michael Roche speak, and his message was very similar to the message in the movie. It all comes from us. We are never victims of circumstance. We are responsible for all the experiences in our lives whether we perceive them as “good” or “bad”. This is a fundamental truth. It is not “New Age”. We find it in spiritual texts throughout history. It is in the yoga sutras, the Bible, and Buddhist teaching just to mention a few. This wisdom is being reawakened by such books and movies as The Secret, and What The Bleep Do You Know, and now this movie, The People v. The State of Illusion. I recommend that everyone see this movie. If you are on a spiritual path, I suggest that you see it more than once because there is so much beneficial content that happens so quickly that each time you see it, you will become aware of something you missed previously. See it with someone who is open minded, and you can discuss it with afterwards. The only part of the movie that left me hanging (so to speak) was the book that was presented to the main character to read. This is supposed to be a life altering text yet we are never privy to what it is. At first I thought that it may be the bible. It could just as easily been the Koran or a book by Robin Sharma. I did not expect the movie to present a “how to” step by step guide to change or enlightenment, but if you introduce the book, at least let us know what it is. I need to put it on my reading list.

Other than that small issue, I really enjoyed the movie along with everyone else that we viewed it with. I will be seeing it again soon.

It is funny how we do attract things into our lives. Last night while making dinner after the class that I hold in my yoga room, I flipped on PBS, and there was Austin Vickers talking about the movie. There are no coincidences……..


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  1. Its like you read my mind! You sem to know a lot about
    this, like yyou wrote the book inn it or something.
    I think that youu could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead
    of that, this is great blog. A fantastic read. I will definitely be back.

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