Scott Page is one of Arizona's most esteemed yogis with considerable teaching experience. His background in diverse martial arts styles and years of yoga practice give him a unique perspective on the mind-body connection. Scott has been a full-time yoga instructor for six years. He is dedicated to helping his students develop strong cores, superior balance, increased flexibility, and calm minds.


He currently teaches over 20 yoga classes a week in numerous locations throughout the Phoenix-Scottsdale area—including Scott's Yoga Room—with offerings in a variety of forms from power yoga to flow vinyasa, astanga vinyasa to yin yoga. He also provides workshops and private classes.

Scott working with students

Scott is able to communicate proper body position through eloquent description. Yet while most teachers verbally direct students through a class, Scott actually leads by example. This way he can gauge the best speed and intensity of poses, encouraging students without overwhelming them. He also assists students toward improved form and flexibility using hands-on adjustments.

Scott's teaching style is influenced by his previous job as a weapons and tactics instructor while serving the rank of Sergeant in the United States Marine Corp. The sequencing of poses that Scott employs is challenging and innovative and he is sought by yogis who want to reach the next level of their practice. However, Scott is equally good at working with beginners. He has a wonderful ability to evaluate the individual needs of each student and guide them with strength and encouragement. His balanced yin-yang approach has been affectionately coined "militant zen" by some of his students.

Practice what you teach. Upholding a strong personal practice, including daily asana and meditation, Scott demonstrates the benefits of yoga in his own life. He continues his holistic study of philosophy, Sanskrit and chant, remaining ever generous with his expanding knowledge. Here on his website you will find many insightful pages for your browsing pleasure. so please take a few minutes to explore all it has to offer. Feedback and questions are always welcome.

Follow Scott on his blog, see what music he has selected for his playlist on quotes & notes, or pick a book from his suggested reading list. Then join Scott for a class of yoga… you will be inspired by a deep sense of power and possibility.

It all begins with a single step.

They say, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear," and Scott Page is the best teacher anyone could ask for. A life-long athlete, I used to push my body through brutal trainings and triathlons. Then I found myself struggling with back pain and a chiropractor suggested I do yoga. I was skeptical. Could yoga really offer the kind of work-out I craved? I reluctantly began my practice, trying several instructors and classes before discovering Scott at my local gym. He immediately had me pushing my physical and mental boundaries in ways I never imagined. Scott's vast knowledge and intuitive teaching style have advanced my practice beyond what I would have thought possible. Even after three years of practicing with him almost every day, I am still seeing new poses, gaining new insights, reaching new milestones and immensely enjoying my yogic journey. Yoga did cure my back pain. And it definitely challenges me as an athlete. With Scott as my teacher, yoga is all I need.